Clone the sample app

Clone the application code which will be deployed in EKS clusters.

Clone the sample application

cd ..
git clone
  • Please make sure that it is cloned outside the ‘skeleton’ folder where you have conducted the workshop so far.

Open in IDE

Open the above project folder in your favorite IDE.

Check application contents

When you open the IDE, you can see that it contains three files except README.

  1. the actual logic part.
  2. Dockerfile: Dockerfile to build this Python code into a container image
  3. app-deployment.yaml: Specification that defines what to deploy to the Kubernetes cluster.

If you open the file, you can see a simple Python Flask application showing the region information of the environment where the container is running.

def hello():
  res = requests.get('')
  data = json.loads(res.text)
  region = data['region']
  return ("Hello World from "+region)